1972-Present Day

       Started in 1972, and incorporated in 1983, German Machined Products, Inc (GMPI) has always served the aerospace industry.  The first major customer was Hughes Aircraft and their Space & Communications division.  In the early years, GMPI made small machined parts exclusively for Hughes.  The company worked with metals ranging from aluminum and steel to a variety of exotics.  Most of the parts made fit in the palm of your hand and were milled on conventional machines run by true machinists. 

       The company continued to make a variety of small parts on conventional machines until the early 1990’s when the first CNC machines were acquired.  Originally, the machines were programmed manually by a computer programmer.  Later, the company adopted software to create programs for the machines. 


       Eventually, Hughes was acquired by General Motors and then split and sold to Boeing and Raytheon.  Now the company had two main customers.  As engineering advanced, multi-piece assemblies became monolithic machined parts.  This drove a need for larger machines and multi-axis capability.  This type of equipment was introduced at GMPI in the mid to late 1990’s.


       In the early 2000’s, new programs started designing aircraft using model based definition (MBD) as opposed to the traditional paper drawings that defined products.  This created another opportunity for growth and MBD was fully embraced.


       Over the next few years, the company transformed itself from a low volume producer of military and space components to a production oriented facility to the commercial aircraft sector.  Business software systems were upgraded and equipment was added in terms of capacity and capability.  In addition the programming software received a major upgrade to Catia.  The expanded offering attracted new customers like Goodrich Aerostructures (now United Technologies Aerospace Systems), Boeing Commercial Aircraft, Gulfstream, and Lockheed. 


       To support growth and compete globally, the company opened a low cost facility in Mexicali, Mexico in 2013.  GMPI also expanded into a much larger facility in Gardena, California in 2014.  Almost every modern commercial aircraft platform and many U.S. military programs are now serviced by GMPI.


       The primary focus in Gardena is complex machining using integrated technology for better efficiency and utilization. Mexicali handles simple to medium complexity parts with high touch labor.  Both facilities have space to grow into for years to come.

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